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Due to the revolutionary techniques and the rapid recovery time employed by Dr Rambacher, we have many patients drive and fly great distances for surgical corrective procedures.  One of our surgical corrective centers is located next to the Ayres Hotel and Resort in Laguna Hills.  This option offers patients a no driving, all-inclusive surgical experience.  Just six days after surgery, you head home with your newly surgically corrected foot, rested, refreshed and relaxed.

Call the Office at 949-916-0077 or Podiatry Hotline Direct at 949-637-0038


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24341 El Toro Road

Laguna Woods, CA 92637


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24331 El Toro Road
Laguna Woods, CA  92637



I would like to thank Dr. Rambacher for his excellent job.  I´m from Peru and I am 58 years old.  Since I was 14 years of age, I have done several sports like athletism, tennis, marathon, golf, etc.

Because of the excessive exercise, I started having a constant pain in my right foot. My big toe started to get ridged. It didn´t have a correct articulation and I wasn´t able to move it. I had a deteriorated cartilage in the right big toe that led to a small bone fracture.  

My daughter who lives in California, recommended me to have surgery in USA. I found out about Dr. Rambacher through positive sources and the reviews on the Internet including his really good website.

In my 1st appointment I was amazed of how fast Dr. Rambacher diagnosed my problem. For the past 9 months, I saw a lot of doctors all of them gave me a different diagnostics and couldn´t find the real problem.

The surgery took 90 minutes and consisted of a Metatarsal replacement and the elimination of a little broken bone. He placed a chrome-plutonium prosthesis that let my big toe move again so I was capable of leaving the hospital walking the same day after the surgery.

Dr. Thomas professionalism is as excellent as the dedication he puts on my case. He is always available at his cell phone to resolve any concern 24/7.

The job has been top-notch and the rehabilitation has been pain free.  I will be able to play any sports like golf at any time soon.

I would recommend Dr. Thomas Rambacher to anybody who has been suffering a foot problem.

Thank you very much Dr !!!


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