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Mary O: Mission Viejo, CA YELP Review

Simply the BEST! I was about to have surgery somewhere else and I went to him to get a second opinion and Praise the Lord I did~ The other surgeon down the street was about to perform a incorrect procedure on me! Yikes! Dr. Rambacher is such a blessing to me and my family. Since then I have had to take my daughter to him several times. He ran a MRI on her hurt ankle and most Dr.'s would have sent us home as she is just okay as she may have had a sprained ankle. Due to ex-ray not showing anything. But HE went the extra step and ordered the MRI and  Another hallelujah because the ankle was not only broke but healing incorrectly which not treated properly would have caused her lifelong problems and pain! I feel SO INCREDIBLE BLESSED that he is our Dr.  You will not be disappointed going to Him and he is SO knowledgeable and HE will take care of you! And if I understand correctly he makes house calls if needed!


Tammy M: Cypress, CA YELP Review

Dr.Rambacher is amazing!. He's easy to talk to and really cares about each of his patients from end to end. He even gives you his personal phone number and checks up on you between appointments. He's was great about explaining all of my options and letting me know what to expect. He is awesome! I had bunion removal and it was a quick process, pain free and he left me with (No Scars) and I was able to walk right after surgery. He is truly tremendous doctor. I wish more people I know needed a foot doctor so I could recommend him more.



Sheila C: Mission Viejo, CA YELP Review

A doctor I completely trust.  My foot hurt!  Neuropathy?  No.  Neuroma?  No.  He followed a thorough process to determine what was wrong and, concerned for my pain, the best solution for me personally.  High recommendation.




I’m writing to communicate my sincere appreciation for the care and professionalism of Dr. Rambacher.

My daughter hurt her ankle late one night playing soccer and I was very worried and upset. She couldn’t walk on it and she was crying, so I was frantically looking for someone to help her.

I turned to the yellow pages and called several podiatrists with no luck, because there was only voice mail. I then saw Dr. Rambacher’s name and next to it “Podiatry Hotline” I called and left a message and soon received a return call. I was so relieved to talk to a doctor that could give me instructions on what to do that evening and to come in early the next day.

We were greeted by the doctor with a strong desire to really help my daughter and he did just that. He was through and helped us immediately on what to do and what the situation was with her ankle. I felt so much better and so did my daughter.

My daughter was very happy with how he communicated and with his competence. We of course followed his direction and she has had no problems at all with her ankle. She is a very aggressive soccer player and playing better that ever!

We thank you so much Dr. Rambacher!

Best Regards,


I was recommended to see Dr. Rambacher by a patient of his whom I met in a shoe store. I was desperately trying to find shoes I could wear to alleviate the pain in my feet I’d just been to see a surgeon who barely had the time to greet me, let alone diagnose or treat my problems. He glanced at the x-rays he ordered, pronounced my feet “good”, and sent me to get an absolutely worthless pair of orthotics from a sort of factory run by people who were barely technicians.

Dr. Rambacher on the other hand took one look at the very same x-rays and immediately diagnosed my difficulty and spent half an hour taking careful plaster molds of my feet while holding the bones of my ankle in a corrected position to guarantee the orthotics addressed my specific problem, rather than just mirroring the problems as the other pair bad done.

Dr. Rambacher is patient and always available. He is confident and encouraging. I would recommend him to anyone, especially to those who are frustrated with their current treatment.



Dear Doctor Rambacher,
This few lines to let you know bow much I appreciate your relieving me from my ankles’ aches and pains which kept me challenged for more than a year and a half before I met you. I consider myself fortunate to have you as my podiatrist. Your skill, dedication and determination are remarkable. I remember how persistent you were in pursuing different approaches to resolve my problem.

I have recommended you to my friends and wish you continued success in the future.



Dr. Thomas Rambacher, he is a true professional.  He guides me through every step of the way.
He was caring in regard to my concerns and reassured me through the whole procedure before during and after.

I would recommend Dr. Thomas Rambacher to anybody that is thinking of doing surgery.



  I would like to thank Dr. Rambacher for his excellent job.  I´m from Peru and I am 58 years old.  Since I was 14 years of age, I have done several sports like athletism, tennis, marathon, golf, etc.

Because of the excessive exercise, I started having a constant pain in my right foot. My big toe started to get ridged. It didn´t have a correct articulation and I wasn´t able to move it. I had a deteriorated cartilage in the right big toe that led to a small bone fracture.  

My daughter who lives in Orange County, California, recommended me to have surgery in USA. I found out about Dr. Rambacher through positive sources and the reviews on the Internet including his really good website.

In my 1st appointment I was amazed of how fast Dr. Rambacher diagnosed my problem. For the past 9 months, I saw a lot of doctors in my home country which all of them gave me a different diagnostics and couldn´t find the real problem.

The surgery took 90 minutes and consisted of a Metatarsal replacement and the elimination of a little broken bone. He placed a chrome-plutonium prosthesis that let my big toe move again so I was capable of leaving the hospital walking the same day after the surgery.

Dr. Thomas professionalism is as excellent as the dedication he puts on my case. He is always available at his cell phone to resolve any concern 24/7.

The job has been top-notch and the rehabilitation has been pain free.  I will be able to play any sports like golf at any time soon.

I would recommend Dr. Thomas Rambacher to anybody who has been suffering a foot problem.

Thank you very much Dr !!!


In Espanol:

Quiero agradecer a Dr. Rambacher por su excelente trabajo. Soy peruano, tengo 58 años de edad y desde los 14 años he hecho mucho deporte como el atletismo, tenis, maratón, golf, etc. Por el excesivo ejercicio tuve un desgaste del cartílago en el dedo gordo del pie derecho que motivo una pequeña fractura del hueso y empecé a tener un constante dolor y una rigidez del dedo impidiéndome una correcta articulación.Mi hija que vive en Orange County, California me recomendó que tuviera la  operación en USA y descubrí al Dr. Rambacher por referencias muy positivas y por medio del Internet como de su propia página web. Tengo un seguro medico internacional que funciono muy bien y pude ser atendido por el Dr. Rambacher.En la primera consulta me impresionó lo rápido que diagnostico mi caso ya que durante 9 meses había visto a otros doctores en mi país y todos me daban diferentes diagnósticos.La operación fue de 90 minutos y consistió en eliminar el pequeño hueso roto y hacerme un “metatarsal replacement”. Me colocó una prótesis de cromó-plutonio que me permitió mover nuevamente mi pie y salir caminando del hospital el mismo día de la operación.El profesionalismo de Thomas es excelente así como la dedicación que puso en mi caso y sobre todo, siempre está disponible para cualquier consulta vía celular o en su consultorio.Realmente el trabajo ha sido de primera y con la rehabilitación podré volver a caminar sin ningún dolor y podre hacer deporte  y en especial volver a jugar golf.

Yo recomiendo al Dr. Thomas Rambacher a cualquier persona que sufra de problemas en los pies.

Muchas Gracias Dr.!!!



Patient Satisfaction Survey Comments:

-       Dr. Rambacher is the best doctor I have had, both in medical knowledge and bedside manner.  His promptness in seeing you and explaining everything, and is always there for you.  I referred the doctor to two people that saw him and had a wonderful experience and outcome. The absolute Best Dr. and Staff. Thank you, Thank You, Thank you.

-        Great Doctor.  Very caring and always attentive to your needs.  Gives great advice and recommendations, and is spot on for identifying injuries.

-        This Doctor explains what he is going to do and does it very quickly, without hurting me at all.  He is courteous and kind. 

-        Love and respect for this doctor, helped me like no other.  Would highly recommend this doctor to family and friends.  Excellent treatment and care 10+ 

-        Have had great experience with this doctor on 2 surgeries he performed on my feet.

-        Already referred Dr. Rambacher to a couple co-workers. 

-        Very thorough, great communication. 

-        Dr. Rambacher and his staff are so awesome!!




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